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Pondo ng Pinoy: 15 Years of Engaging the Filipino in Caring for the Poor


Fullness of lifeas the vision of founder Archbishop Cardinal Rosales for all especially the poor remains to be the primary guide of Pondo ng Pinoy as it journeys into its fifteen years of mission. 

Since the founding of Pondo ng Pinoy in 2004, the movementcontinues to do evangelization work, encouraging the faithful to live the life of humble stewardship of the poor through little but regular acts of goodness exemplified by the “crumbs” as little as25 centavo coins.“Theology of the Crumbs” or “Theology of the Little” is Pondo ng Pinoy’s unique advocacy – it engages anyone, students, professionals, even the poor towards greater consciousness of povertyby way of gratefully and regularly sharing a small portion of one’s time and talent, and money – one’s “crumbs” or “mumo” with the view that taken together, these crumbs will make a significant change in people’s lives. 

Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle during the Press Conference for the 15th Year Anniversary of Pondo ng Pinoy held on September 30 at the Arzobispado de Manila. 
Photo Credit: Jheng Prado/RCAM-AOC

Fifteen years past, individuals, parishes, academic institutions, and corporations are still consistently giving their crumbs. From fiscal years 2004 to 2019, crumbs collection has amounted toaround PhP 400 millionthat are translated into projects and aids for the empowerment of poor communities. To date, “crumbs distribution” has helped around 250,000 individuals and communities through projects on health and nutrition, livelihood, education, housing, and occasionally, emergency relief.

All these initiatives towards integral evangelization, as the drive of Pondo ng Pinoy is also in alignment with the Philippine Church’s celebration of the fifth centenary of the arrival of Christianity in the country. Its evangelization helps elicit the “missionary zeal” of every person by participating in works for the poor even in small regular acts, in bringing the Good News to the poorand to those who have drifted from the faith and to those of other faiths through inclusive projects, and in forming the youth in active faith. Like the mustard seed, may Pondo ng Pinoy contribute significantly in church renewal as we celebrate the great jubilee in 2021.

Four strategies/programs enable the mission of Pondo ng Pinoy:

The Four Pillars of Pondo ng Pinoy:

Small Acts: Little acts that the Gospel indicates as the wat of God’s Kingdom.

Regularity: Little gestures of kindness exercised with regularity that form virtue and build character.

Rooted in love of God and Neighbor: Love of God poured generously into our hearts that serves as primary motive for action to love back and the commitment to be people for others.

Empowerment of the Community: “Givers” and “receivers” are transformed by their habit of love and goodness.

Evangelization as Key to Sustaining Stewardship

Pondo ng Pinoy created Speakers’ Bureaus or pools of trainers who give formation to schools, parishes, dioceses and other requesting organizations. This catechesis aims to educate and form persons into joyful givers conscious of their social responsibility to the poor. Training sessions are also complemented with printed modules and audio-visual materials.

Crumbs Collection

Dioceses who are members of Pondo ng Pinoy echo formation and training sessions within their network. This leads to the saving of 25-centavo coins in used bottles, cans, or other containers, as one of the measurable impacts of the transformation of persons, young and adults, in helping the poor. These crumbs are systematically collected withand transparency measures and remits these to the National Management Office. 

• Total crumbs collectionfrom 2004 to June 2019: Around PhP 400 Million

• Sources of Crumbs: 54% dioceses, 36% project-specific donors, 7% others/anonymous, 2% international community, 1% corporations

Crumbs Distribution

Dioceses and other proponents apply for projects to be implemented directly or in partnership with organizations. The National Management Office provides technical assistance in reviewing project proposals and recommends effective implementation schemes to help individuals and communities regardless of faith.

• Nature of projects: health and nutrition, livelihood, education, housing.

• Number of individual beneficiaries: more than 250,000.


Pondo ng Pinoy develops materials that promote the mission and impact of the institution. These include audio-visual productions about Pondo ng Pinoy, about stories of funded projects (communities, scholars, cooperatives/microfinance groups, parish clinics, etc.). A theme song “Kahit Isang Kusing” was also composed by Fr. Carlo Magno S. Marcelo. Several articles in broadsheets and other printed media, as well as brochures and annual reports were published. Radio programs consist of the “Oras ng Pondo ng Pinoy” aired over Radio Veritas andthe online radio-tv program. Pondo ng Pinoy is also present in social media platforms such as website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Poster making and mobile photo contests were also launched to intensify popularization of Pondo ng Pinoy.

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“Anumangmagaling, kahitmaliit, basta’tmalimit, ay patungonglangit.” 
His Eminence Gaudencio B. Cardinal Rosales, D.D.


Source: Pondo ng Pinoy
Accomplishment Report
Press Conference
September 30, 2019


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