Catechists – frontliners to Evangelization

Brother Jude Manuel Liao III, Youth Coordinator of the Diocese of Cubao, elaborates on Catechism under the theme of “Buhay si Kristo! Mabuhay si Kristo! A Reflection on ‘Christus Vivit’” during the 6th Philippine Conference on New Evangelization at the University of Santo Tomas on Saturday, July 20, 2019. 

Brother Jude Liao (File Photo: RCAM-AOC)

Brother Jude talks about the potential each of us possesses and the role of schools and institutions, serving as avenues and opportunities for young people to discover their full potential in life which was expounded in Pope Francis’ ‘Christus Vivit’.

Emphasis was given to the role of Catechists as Brother Jude says, “Humila po kayo ng estudyante doon sa classroom na kinacathechise niyo, tanong niyo sino Obispo, malamang sa malamang, hindi po nila kilala. Tanong niyo po sino Parish Priest , malamang hindi rin po nila kilala. And this is where we all butt in, our importance in the church because we are now the frontliners! Sa totoo lang  po, di bale lang hindi muna nila kilala ang mga pari, importante, makilala nila si Kristo sa atin.”

“The challenge for us is to teach young people that there are things in life you have to wait for, there are things in life you have to take time for, hindi lahat mabilis, hindi lahat agad-agaran”. (Louise Nazir Banzuela/SOCOM-San Felipe Neri Parish)



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