Monday, 15 July 2019 06:06

OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Caritas Manila NOT affiliated with Caritas Health Shield Inc.

“The recent news about Caritas Health Shield has again led to erroneous public perception that Caritas Manila is related to Caritas Health Shield.  Our logo and office site were even mistakenly shown by a news network while delivering the news report about Caritas Health Shield.

This is to inform the public once more that Caritas Manila is NOT connected with Caritas Health Shield. Owing to the confusion brought about by the similarity in corporate names, Caritas Manila was constrained to resort to legal action and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has in fact already ordered Caritas Health Shield to remove and replace “Caritas” from its corporate name.

Caritas Manila is a non-profit organization devoted to helping the poor. It does not and has never engaged in the health care business for profit, as such activity goes against the very spirit of its objectives.”  (Public Relations Department/Radio Veritas)


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