Cardinal Tagle calls parishes to commemorate EDSA People Power in the Year of the Parish


Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle called all parishes in the Archdiocese of Manila to have a simple commemoration of the 31st anniversary of the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution on February 25, as the Catholic Church celebrates 201, the Year of the Parish.


“As we join the whole Church in the Philippines in celebrating the Year of the Parish, I invite all parishes to a simple commemoration of EDSA People Power," he said.


In a circular letter addressed to all the clergy in the Archdiocese of Manila, Tagle called on all the parishes and the Basic Ecclesiastical Communities (BEC) to organize “public prayer events” like processions, rosary rallies and prayer worship.


He also asked to “incorporate the examination of personal and communal consciences, formation of conscience and repentance” through Confessions and doing penitentiary services.


“We give every parish the freedom to plan and organize its commemoration with simplicity but depth. What is important is the space offered for a religious experience that could transform our parishioners on the ground,” he said.


In his circular, the archbishop noted that the historic event was a peaceful revolution that manifested the power of faith and prayer. 


“For us in the Church, it was an event of people relying on their faith for social transformation. In full view of the world the Filipino people showed the power of prayer that begets courage that begets solidarity that begets change,” he said in the circular.


“Thirty-one years later we thank God for the gift of faith, as we also ask pardon for our personal and communal failure in consistently living that faith in justice, love and peace," he added.


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