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Make space for the young people in the church

“Hindi natin malalaman yung kayang gawin ng bata kung hindi natin sila bibigyan ng pagkakataon”. 

Mr. Jude Liao of the Diocese of Cubao answers questions on young people during the open forum of the 5th Kapihan sa RCAM on June 13, 2019, at the Arzobispado de Manila in Intramuros.

Speaking in front of the participants of the 5th Kapihan sa RCAM held at the Arzobispado de Manila last Thursday, June 13, Mr. Jude Liao, diocesan youth coordinator at the Diocese of Cubao, spoke of the roles and potentials of young people as instruments of evangelization in this digital age.

“Pagdating sa creativity, pagdating sa mga posters, pagdating sa mga powerpoint ng simbahan, pagdating sa mga programa yung mga title ng programa na catchy, pagdating po sa pagbasa, pagdating sa senakulo, pagdating sa evangelization, pagdating sa catechetical, pagdating sa pagsisilbi. Ang hindi lang po yata magagawa ng bata ay maging pari. Pero kahit ano pa yan basta mabigyan sila ng pagkakataon, magagawa nila,” Mr. Liao said.

Given the perils and dangers of using social media as a tool for evangelization, Mr. Liao, who is also the NCR youth coordinator urged the young people to “maximize the use of social media to its potential”.

“When we say maximize the use of social media, yes we should but still along the bounderies of it being the mode of proper communication. Na hindi dapat siya labasan ng sama ng loob, hindi dapat siya share-an ng fake news. Kailangan purposeful para sa inyo,” Mr. Liao said.

He also stressed that social media is a world of communication where we get the opportunity to meet other young people wherever they are in the world.

 “You can say something but you can also get something from it. Say something, ibig sabihin, we have to maximize that when we say something, we say it with purpose. We say it in such a way that we evangelize other people. And when we take something from it, we learn from whatever it is that they say,” Mr. Liao said.

Kapihan sa RCAM is a bi-monthly town hall meeting of RCAM employees where speakers are invited to discuss matters of national interest.

The 5th Kapihan sa RCAM was organized by the Human Resource Department of the Archdiocese of Manila with the theme “Getting to Know and Engaging the Youth in Evangelization”. (Jheng M. Prado/RCAM-AOC)

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