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Youth Takes Center Stage in Vicariate of Espiritu Santo’s February GGV

The Vicariate of Espiritu Santo holds its second Gandang Gabi Vicariate (GGV) Formation Night with the theme “Our Country’s Problems Are Opportunities in the Eyes of the Youth,” Friday, February 22, 2019, at the Immaculate Conception Parish, Tayuman, Tondo, Manila.

This month’s speaker is prolific formator, TV, and radio host, Bro. Nony Amous. After establishing the relevance of the Church’s celebration this year of the Year of the Youth, Bro. Nony drew from the deep well of social media to identify the source of our country’s predicaments.

Photo by Sis. Nikki Biso (Immaculate Conception Parish SOCOM)

Our Country’s Problems: the Youth and Society

“Pic or it didn’t happen.” The common mentality of the youth today, stemming from their rootedness in social media is the search for physical proof, Bro. Nony reminded in his talk that this fixation on the self is the root of our country’s problems. The standard of truth has been reduced to what can be captured through the “digital eye:” gadgets of modern technology that chronicles everything. The country’s “selfie” mentality is one that blinds us from the needs of others and invites us to a life of excess. 

He invited the youth that, amidst the suffering of Filipino families, to open their eyes and look at these problems as opportunities to see and recognize Christ. He went on to remind that not only the youth but even more so, the adults should lead in this recognition of Christ and move towards making a difference in the society 

Christ Conceals Himself: Jesus and Social Media

Focusing on the theme’s emphasis on the “eyes,” Bro. Nony went on to reflect on how the “digital eye,” the youth of today’s infatuation with experiencing the world through their gadgets instead of in person, is utilized. He posed the question: “Would Jesus have used the modern tools of social communications?”

According to him, it is likely, but not in all certainty. He introduced the paradox in Christ’s ministry, in that, as He made himself known to the public through his preaching and miracles, he also, simultaneously concealed Himself. However, Bro. Nony emphasized that “Christ conceals himself not away from us, but FOR US and WITH US in this JOURNEY OF FAITH. 

Self-Denial Key to Solving Problems

Furthermore, Bro. Nony invited us to battle the “Selfie” Culture and this age’s Culture of Convenience with constant and vigilant self-denial, suffering for the sake of others. He challenged us to live modestly and with the excess help our neighbors. This suffering is our gateway to glory.

He emphasized that Christianity is not “feel-good-ism.” We are deceived by technology. He asked to go back to the fundamentals. Whoever is one with Christ’s suffering will be one with Him in glory.

“Lord Stay with Me”

As he ended the formation, Bro. Nony invited everyone to, like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, we ask the Lord to stay with us, in our hearts, because only then can we honestly say that we are one with Christ and that is perfect love.

Only in unity in Christ, according to Bro. Nony, can the youth and all of us also, truly say “We are beloved. We are gifted. We are empowered. The Youth in Mission.”

Bro. Nony Amous co-hosts “Anong Say ni Father? Anong Say ni Brother” with Fr. Jojo Buenafe every Sunday, 9:00 p.m. at DWIZ 882 kHz, hosts “Our Father in Heaven” every Monday, 7:00 p.m., at Radyo Veritas, and “Bishop’s Move” with Bishop Teodoro Bacani, every Friday, 10:30 a.m., at TV Maria.

Gandang Gabi Vicariate Formation Night is a monthly seminar on current Church and social issues organized by the Vicariate of Espiritu Santo Education Ministry. It is held every fourth Friday of the month, 7:30 p.m. at the Immaculate Conception Parish, Tayuman, Tondo, Manila. (Jose Lorenzo de Jesus/Immaculate Conception Parish SOCOM)


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