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Listen to youth’s stories of mercy: listen to Jesus

Cardinal Tagle has encouraged the young and old people in PACOM 4 celebration for two things: Listen to the youth's experience of mercy and listen to Jesus.

In a video message played during the opening ceremony of the 4th Philippine Apostolic Congress of Mercy (PACOM 4), Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle who is in Panama for the World Youth Day celebration, emphasized that the young people’s experience of God’s mercy be heard, for they are the center of the celebration.

“Una, let us listen to the Youth. During this PACOM, let the youth speak, not only to the elders, speak to themselves, and speak to the whole church. Let us listen to their experiences of Mercy, how were they shaped and formed by mercy and compassion from God and from neighbor and from the church. Let us listen to them also, how they have been broken, how they have been wounded by the lack of mercy,” Cardinal Tagle said.

Photo by Eric Paul Guanlao / RCAM-AOC

After listening to the different stories of transformation and compassion, Cardinal Tagle asked the people to listen to Jesus who is the “incarnation of mercy.”

“Let us listen to Jesus’ experience as a young person. How did mercy come to him especially through Mary, through Joseph, through his friends, through society. What were the experiences of the lack of mercy, the lack of compassion, the lack of forgiveness, the injustice, the discrimination that the young Jesus saw, and how did he transformed to be God’s living parable of mercy,” Cardinal Tagle said.

Despite the joy of the celebration of PACOM 4 where the young people are the focus of attention, Cardinal Tagle cannot hide his disappointment on the present situation of the youth in the country. The children should be enjoying their childhood with the love and comfort of their families and friends. But at an early age, they are already victims of suffering, brokenness, and woundedness from the people who supposed to be their guide and protector from the evils of society.

“I am very much bothered when we hear young people subjective to all types of abusive behavior. I am amazed and to unbelief that some of them still survived as wholesome human beings in spite of what they have gone through. I am disturbed that young people are being subjected to violence, bullying, shaming, and they are being told that is normal.

At the end of his message, he asked the faithful to heed the call of the Church to be “missionaries of mercy.”

On Wednesday, on its second reading, the House of Representatives approved the bill that seeks to lower the minimum age of criminal responsibility from 15 to 9 years old.

The said bill received criticisms from various groups and institutions in the country. (Jheng Manalang Prado / RCAM-AOC)


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