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Cardinal Tagle: A Child is born for you

The stories of Christmas are foretold every year in different ways. But the real story of Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ.

 “A child is born to us. And in the Gospel, the angels told the shepherds a Savior is born, and what is the sign? An infant in swaddling clothes,” Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle said during his homily for the Christmas Evening Mass at the Manila Cathedral.

Photo by Maricar Santos

Cardinal Tagle also reflected on the celebration of Christmas in the Year of the Youth. 

“The world will find joy and peace only when all of us rediscover the true youthfulness that Jesus offers to us. Apart from being a child-like Jesus, there will be no joy and peace,” he said.

“So, the Year of the Youth, Christmas in the Year of the Youth is an invitation for all of us see how a child can rule with joy and peace. That’s the promise a child is given us. So, let us recover our being children like Jesus,” he added.

The year 2019 was declared by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) as the Year of the Youth starting Dec. 2, 2018, and culminating on Nov. 24, 2019.

The second point Cardinal Tagle reflected on was toxicity the youth of today might swallow like lies, the proliferation of fake news, violence, and corruption among others.

“In the name of the elders, I want to ask pardon of you young people. We are sorry if the world that we are bequeathing to you is a toxic world. Toxic of falsehood, toxic with lies and fake news, fake reporting coming from fake personalities,” Cardinal Tagle said.

“We are sorry if the world has become toxic because of vices, violence, bullying, brutality, greed, and corruption. You don’t deserve this world, but you, young people can make this world better for the Savior was a child,” he added.

In celebration of the 200th year anniversary of the song Silent Night, Cardinal Tagle stated that during the birth of Christ, those silent nights were holy nights because Christ poured out his pure love to us. While in this day and age, silent nights are no longer holy nights “because in the night crimes, evil, evil deeds are planned, plotted, and executed but those silent nights are not holy nights.” 

“Some people continue to suffer, some people are harassed, some people are threatened to remain silent and their lives have become a continuous silent night but not holy night,” Cardinal Tagle said.

At the end of his homily, the Manila Archbishop asked the faithful especially the young people not to swallow the toxic of the world. He asked them to bring back to society those silent nights.

“Let us bring back to society pure love, let us bring back to society tenderness, let us bring back to society gentleness, then silent nights become holy nights,” Cardinal Tagle said.

“Huwag mahihiya to be tender and mild, huwag ikahihiya ang loves pure light. Kapag ganyan talagang Year of the Youth, talagang pasko ng kabataan at ang pinakamadilim na gabi ay magiging banal na gabi,” he added. (Jheng M. Prado/RCAM-AOC)





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