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The Child Jesus is God’s pure love

In his Christmas message, Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle asked the faithful to look at the Child Jesus as God’s pure love as he apologized to the young people on behalf of the elders for bestowing upon them a toxic world.

“My prayer and wish for all Filipinos and for the whole of humankind, especially for our beloved young people, is for us to welcome and live the joy and peace of the Child Jesus, who is God's pure love, tenderness and gentleness,” Cardinal Tagle said in his Christmas message.

“To the youth, we elders ask pardon if the world we are bequeathing to you is darkened by toxic falsehood, violence, bullying, vices, greed and corruption. Please do not swallow or inhale this toxicity. Jesus the Child is with you. With Him, renew humanity, society, religions and creation with love's pure light, tenderness and gentleness. Christmas is for you,” he added.

Photo by Maricar Santos

Cardinal Tagle also cited that this year marks the 200th year anniversary of the famous Christmas carol Silent Night. The song was first sung in a village church in Austria on Christmas Eve in 1818. The song according to Cardinal Tagle has provided a message of true Christmas joy and peace to generations of Christians all over the world.

Reflecting on this, Cardinal Tagle said that some silent nights are not holy nights.

“During the time of Jesus up to our contemporary time, some nights have become moments of ominous silence. Crimes and evil deeds are often plotted and executed in the frightening silence of the night. The people who suffer and are continuously threatened and harassed live in endless silent nights,” Cardinal Tagle said.

According to him, silent night becomes holy night when the Child Jesus pours on us “love’s pure light.” 

“Pure love makes nights bright and holy because it comes from God. Only God can love authentically and absolutely,” he said.

Cardinal Tagle will celebrate the Christmas Eve Mass on December 24, 2018, at 8:30 p.m. at the Manila Cathedral. (Jheng M. Prado/RCAM-AOC)




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