Cardinal Tagle says Peace in Syria would be a perfect Christmas

“A dove in the winter air is a white perfection – peace in Syria would be perfection this Christmas.” 


This is what Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle, President of Caritas Internationalis, said in his Christmas message for the welfare and peace crisis in Syria. 


In his message Cardinal Tagle talked about the present situation of the people in Syria that have been suffering under the five-year war and that has claimed the lives of many people. 


“For half a decade the people have suffered from the cruel winds of war. Millions are without homes. Even those without shelter have no heating or electricity.” “Our own Caritas staff burn their staff to stay warm,” he pointed out. 


“Those schools still can’t afford fuel – the children are wrapped in heavy blankets as they sit at their desks,” the Cardinal added.


“We think of the poor, the elderly and the children huddled 10 to room. Of those living out in the open…of course under constant bombardment…Of those on the road, fleeing their homes for safety” he continued. 


At the end of the message, the Cardinal said that they are working for peace in Syria and he encouraged the people to support the "Syria: Peace is possible" campaign where His Holiness Pope Francis is one of the supporters. 


“This war has been the bleakest winter for Syria, but we know that after winter comes spring. With your support, Caritas around the world has been working towards peace in Syria. Pope Francis is one of the supporters of our Syria: Peace is Possible Campaign. “Let us implore the grace of heartfelt conversion for those responsible for the fate of that region,” he said.



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