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Archdiocese of Manila holds first KAPIHAN sa RCAM

In response to the call of Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle to form communities of discernment, the Archdiocese of Manila held the Kapihan sa RCAM at the San Pedro Calungsod Hall, Knights of Columbus in Intramuros on June 28, 2018, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Kapihan sa RCAM is a bi-monthly town hall meeting of RCAM employees where speakers are invited to discuss matters of national interest. 

The forum entitled, “PH National Situationer: Issues and Implications,” is first of a series of KAPIHANS that aims at increasing awareness and understanding of political and social issues as seen in the eyes of the Catholic church as well as to engage in the current political, economic, and psycho-social concerns to be able to come up with Christian responses.

Photo by Laureen Camille Jaring

Guest Speaker Dr. Antonio Gabriel M. La Vina, former dean of the Ateneo School of Good Governance and Convenors of MANLABAN sa EJK Coalition discussed the present issues in our country, what are its implications to the Filipinos and how they will respond to these challenges as an individual or as part of the group.

The issues he discussed covered topics including the economy, foreign policy, human rights, peace process particularly in Mindanao, corruption, state of democracy, and Charter Change.

Among the issues, La Vina emphasized during the forum was the controversial statements of President Rodrigo Duterte against the Catholic Church. He said that it is a direct violation of the religious freedom of the Filipino people. 

According to La Vina, Duterte should be more careful in his speech and should avoid to offend or discriminate against anyone.

“Of course it’s a freedom of speech, but as a President, he cannot attack a Religion it’s a violation of freedom of religion if he attacks a religion kasi presidente siya. I can attack a Religion, Iglesia ni Kristo, preacher can do that, a priest can do that, we cannot do that because we are not Presidents we are ordinary people, but any government person cannot do that because a government person is supposed to be non-partisan, Independent…,” La Vina said.

Duterte ranted about God and called him stupid for the concept of “original sin” in his June 22 speech in Davao City.

Recently, Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle released a letter to Clergy of the Archdiocese of Manila asking them to be calm and be at peace.

The Kapihan sa RCAM was organized by the Human Resource Department of the Archdiocese of Manila. (Jheng Manalang Prado/RCAM-AOC)


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