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On question about God: Cardinal Tagle urges priests to keep calm

Photo by Eric Paul Guanlao

“Be fools for Christ. Be at peace. God is the Savior. We do not need to save God. It is God who will save us.”

These were the words of Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle to his priests in the Archdiocese of Manila in a letter released on Wednesday, June 27, 2018, as he shared his thoughts on the question about God.

Cardinal Tagle wrote the letter while he was in Geneva for the UN Conference on Migrants and Refugees sponsored by the Holy See. He advised the clergy to be calm on the different issues arising.

“Be at peace. Be calm. Don't let things disturb your inner peace. Let us read the situation with the eyes of faith,” Cardinal Tagle told his priests.

Amidst the issues that the country and the church are facing, Cardinal Tagle reminded the clergy that there are other pressing concerns they need to pay attention to like the prices of goods, job security, problems encountered by OFW, children, and women, and crimes, and violence in the community.

“While these questions are extremely important for the dialogue between faith and current concerns, let us not be distracted from addressing other pressing concerns with the fervor of faith and love: for example, the increasing prices of goods, job security,  exploitation of women and children, violence in homes and neighborhoods, different types of addictions, crimes, vulnerabilities of OFWs, the daily paralyzing traffic in big cities, flooding, reconstruction of destroyed cities, combatting terrorism, corruption and others,”  he said.

“We need to come together and contribute to positive responses according to each one's capability. We cannot address these problems by just blaming someone. Those who believe in God must work faithfully and joyfully for the Lord.  Those who do not believe in God must serve out of human decency, generosity and concern for neighbors, he added.

Cardinal Tagle stressed what the Vatican II teaches Catholics on religion.  He urged them to respect each other’s belief and to make use of religion as an instrument for peace.

“Vatican II stressed that we Catholics should respect non-Catholics and their religions. We also respect those who do not believe in God. All people should strive to respect those who differ from their beliefs. Religions are not to be used for conflicts but for mutual understanding and peace," he said.

He also discussed in his letter the questions about God and the many times it has become topics for study, research, and reflections.

“Questioning God and God's ways is not new. It is as old as humanity and religions. In the history of the church they have become moments for study, reflection and clarification of doctrine. Creation and evolution, God's goodness and evil, God's grace and human freedom, God's mercy and eternal punishment - these topics have been raised at various moments of the Church's history,’ he said.

At the end of his message, he shared a few bible verses that will help them restore their faith and peace when they are disturbed by questions about God and his ways. (Jheng Manalang Prado/RCAM-AOC)


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