Cardinal Tagle washes feet of Fr. Chito Soganub on Holy Thursday

Photo by Eric Paul Guanlao

Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle washed the feet of Fr. Teresito “Chito” Soganub, the priest that was hostaged for 116 days by the Maute group in Marawi City in May 2017.

Fr. Soganub was one of the twelve persons whose feet were washed by Cardinal Tagle during the Washing of the Feet on Holy Thursday, March 29 at the Manila Cathedral.

The Washing of the Feet is part of the Liturgy of the Mass of the Lord’s Supper during Holy Thursday. It is a powerful symbol of humility and love of Christ when he himself washed the feet of his twelve apostles.

Fr. Soganub became emotional and was seen wiping his tears when Cardinal Tagle began washing his feet. According to him, he was deeply touched knowing that the Church, through Cardinal Tagle and Pope Francis, cares and looks after the situation of those who are victims of conflicts and are experiencing hardships like the migrants and refugees.

“Napaiyak ako dahil touching para sa akin yung sagot ng ating simbahan lalong-lalo na si Cardinal at Santo Papa, si Pope Francis, na bigyan din ng pangangalaga yung mga taong biktima ng giyera, mga refugees, mga displaced persons kaya doon, napapaiyak ako dahil ganun pala na may malaki at malalim na pag-alala ang simbahan tulad namin na mga dumaan, nakaranas ng mga masakit na pangyayari sa aming buhay lalong lalo na sa mga biktima ng giyera, mga refugees at mga displaced people,” he said in an interview by Radio Veritas (

Cardinal Tagle also washed the feet of Mr. and Mrs. Crisanto and Eva Demafelis, the parents of the overseas Filipina worker in Kuwait who was found dead in a freezer. 

He also washed the feet of the following people:

• Mr. and Mrs. Irfan Masih and Shazia Irfan, who sought refuge in the Philippines because of religious persecution in their homeland.

• Mr. and Mrs. Danilo and Janet Pelayo, with their daughter, Danica, a family relocated from their home in Paco, Manila to Cabuyao Laguna.

• Isidro Indao and Kaylo Bontolan, both Lumad leaders who fled their homelands because of massive militarization and destruction by logging and mining companies.

• Mr. and Mrs. Giovanni and Yolicres Badidles, who serve the country through the Philippine Navy.

The washing of the feet of 12 persons, representing the twelve apostles whose feet were washed by Christ during the Last Supper, was also an act of oneness with the Share the Journey campaign of His Holiness Pope Francis, that calls all Catholics to show love and care, and walk with suffering people particularly with the migrants, refugees, persecuted, and the victims of war, slavery, and injustices. (Jheng Manalang Prado/RCAM-AOC)



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